Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Make Him Over Hunt 5 Part 3


Hat, Stethescope, Shirt and Pants: Fierce Designs - MHOH5 Gift


Hat, Tanktop, Suspenders and Pants: Toritire Clothiers - MHOH5 Gift


Jacket, Shirt, and Pants: AAlto Fine Menswear - MHOH5 Gift

Shirt(left): Shey Fashion - MHOH5 Gift
Shirt(center): Dressed by Lexi - MHOH5 Gift
Shirt(right): Absent Designs - MHOH5 Gift

Shirt(left): iRez - MHOH5 Gift
Shirt(center): Scars - MHOH5 Gift
Shirt(right): Roughnecks - MHOH5 Gift

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