Saturday, July 3, 2010

Alphabet Soup Bazaar *Teasers*

Almost open! (July 4th)
Till then here's a little Teaser for you guys!

We crafted a wide range of NEW tees and tanks in dollarbie-range (between 1L$ - 5L$). But we also designed a brand new outfit that will be an ALPHABET SOUP EXCLUSIVE and only available at the fair and NOT in our shop. The beachbum outfit is also not a quite expensive
one - each items are between 1L$ - 10L$ - the whole outfit as pack can become purchased for 22L$.

All items provided are unisex items. Also we have included two of our topsellers in the booth which is the "Child Of The Sun Outfit" (unisex) and the "His Favorite Shirt Outfit" (for women only).

*evie* has two 1L items out @ the Soup! PLUS much more!
Can You Spell Alfbet' Tshirt (totally unisex) and the fabulous Soup Leggings are for ladies! They were created for the event.
Another exclusive is the Romper Dress for the event which is 20L.

The 80's Fishnet Leggings and the Fishnet Leggings Hearts Fatpacks are available in my mainstore but the ones at the event are reduced to 50% off.

The fatpack for the 80's leggings is 120L ( 3 in the pack) and individually are 22L, the fatpack of the Fishnet heart leggings is 180L (pack of 4) and are 45L each.

You don't want to miss all the goods TJunction has to offer.
Totally amazing Tshirts!

Cute as a button!

*Thought Bubbles for Guys*
Stinkeye is offering us at the Alphabet Soup Bazaar a scripted HUD that subtly let people know how you feeling. It have fifteen thoughts that you can use anytime you want!

Red, White & Boobies!
Blink and you might miss this one! Stinkeye is offering up the AMAZING Fireworks Hat (really it is, you gotta see it) for the first day of The Soup ONLY!
Also not to be missed are the 4th of July Blinking Nipples - available only at the Stinkeye Store.

ABC Mouthies Gatcha, ABC Prop Pose & ABC Necklace
Too cute!

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