Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Soup is ON !

The Alphabet Soup Bazaar is now open!!!! Have fun!

Click here to teleport!

These are some of the dollarbies/freebies u can find at the Alphabet Soup Bazaar.

Visit Willow Booth for this shape.

Visit SB Wear Booth for this shirt.

Visit Ol'Dirty Bastards Booth for this shirt.

Visit Multiple Personality Booth for this Pack of Shirts and Jeans.

Visit Lacie Dayz Booth for this shirt.

Visit Kiwi Booth for these Tennis.

Visit [face] Booth for this tattoo.

Visit Beautiful Disaster Booth for this neko tail.

Soup can FREE for anyone one on the first day of the fair! :)

Visit Kitty Kupkakes for these cuties!

Visit Stinkeye's booth for these great shoes.

Visit HDL booth for these awesome poses.

Visit #Before Sleep# booth for these Flip-Flops and clothes.

Visit SB Wear's booth for this shirt and pants.

Visit ODB's booth for all these!

Visit Lacies Dayz's booth for these shorts.

Visit the {face} booth for this shape & skin and tattoo.

Visit the Beautiful Disaster booth for all these goodies.

Visit MPD's booth for all of these great shirts, skirts and dresses.

Visit Dulce's booth for these eyes.

Visit Duh's booth for these booties

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